green circle

I’m an 18-year-old full-time student and I spend my free time working part-time. Don’t you think it’s exciting when you can work and earn your own keep, and at the same time get the opportunity to learn and experience new things?

I’m glad my parents, teachers and friends are supportive of my part-time job because it makes me more independent and well, at least I’m turning my free time into cash!

small phone

I love sharing my workplace stories with my peers, but many of them just can’t seem to find the jobs they like.

That’s where my ambition comes in. I aim to be a meaningful influence to the people around me and I want to be able to share amazing job opportunities with my friends and bring them on board!

red circle

If you love that working gives you new experiences and opportunites to grow, hop onboard and join me on a fun foray into the working world! There’s no better time to take on a challenge than now.

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